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The lawyers at Coleman Pratt Law Firm understand that you are going through a very difficult stage of your life. At the same time, we know that many critical financial decisions will be made during this time, which could have lasting effects far into the future. For this reason, Coleman - Pratt Law Firm's goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time as well as the legal services that will help you reach peaceful resolutions.

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Whether you're positive that you want to end your marriage or you're considering it as an option, Coleman Pratt Law Firm can walk you through the necessary processes. Sometimes, just speaking with a qualified attorney can help put into perspective what needs to take place before,during and after your divorce proceedings. We will make sure you fully understand what goes along with choosing divorce.

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Child Custody

When a marriage comes to an end due to divorce or separation, one of the most important things to be decided is the custody of children affected by the divorce. This can be an extremely emotional issue, and it is also an area where a whole range of complications can come into play. Which parent will continue to provide a home for the child, and make decisions about his or her future and education? Will shared custody be the best way to proceed? How will visitation rights be determined? If multiple children are involved, the complexity level rises even further.

At Coleman Pratt Law Firm, we believe that the well being of the children involved in a separation must come first. We will work with our clients to find a way to reach an effective and fair solution that promises the best possible future for the children.

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Child Support

Whether or not a spouse receives spousal support or alimony depends on several factors. Among those factors are the length of the marriage, the ability of one spouse to pay, and the earning ability of the other spouse. What type of spousal support you receive will depend on the financial situation in the marriage. At Coleman Pratt Law Firm, we work with you closely to come to a fair and necessary settlement with your partner.